Top 5 New Features Introduced By YouTube !! Check On Yours !!

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YouTube has introduced 5 new features for its users to improve their experience. These features have started to roll out and you should also check if it is working on your device or not.

5 New Features Introduced By YouTube –

  • Queue Your Videos – With this feature YouTube premium users can add videos in a queue so that you can decide which video you want to play next. YouTube has expanded this feature to phones and tablets.
  • Watch YouTube With Your Friends – In this feature, a YouTube premium user can host a Google meet sessions while streaming YouTube videos and all other attendees whether a premium user or not can join the meet and enjoy watching YouTube together.
  • Jump Back – Suppose, you are watching a video on your tablet and now you want to watch that same video on your TV. Premium members can easily do it as YouTube will save the spot where you have left your video and then you can start from same spot on your TV.
  • Offline Streaming – It is possible that you forget to download videos to see offline but if you are a YouTube premium user, with “Smart Downloads”, YouTube will autmatically add recommended videos to your library, ready for offline viewing that means you don’t have to remember to download videos.
  • Better Video Quality [iOS] – For iOS users, YouTube is going to launch an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality in coming days in which the videos will look more clear and crisp.

Note –

  • These features are for “YouTube Premium Members” only.
Top 5 New Features Introduced By YouTube !! Check On Yours !!
Top 5 New Features Introduced By YouTube !! Check On Yours !!
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